Triplets X2

The first set of triplets are half Nubian and half Savanna. The second set
born tonight are full-blood Savanna. Ice Man, our buck is proving to be a good one. Both Mom’s are easily nursing the triplets. They are so cute! The barn is filled with “Ma”, ” Ma”.

We have kidded 6 does with a result of 14 kids. We have 14 more does to go.
We also had a calf with an earlier nursing problem get a rattlesnake bite-
George was quick with the Betamethasone and Recover injections and the calf has been saved.

If the rain stops, the stucco man is coming next week to do new stuccoing of the chicken coop and it is done. George made a roost that can be raised up for easy cleaning. He is working on the nest boxes. He is creating the
ultimate deluxe chicken coop- the chickens will have to like their coop!

Just need the rain to slow down to get our garden planted.

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