Chicken Story: The Final Chapter

The chicken killing season is over for another year. We sold all but six for ourselves and for everyone to taste when they come back to the ranch. George wanted to sell most of them to build up clientele.

We could have sold 100 more easily. Today we had a few larger ones averaging 5lbs so mainly had 4-5lbers and a few 3lbers.

George and I learned a lot and hope to improve the operation next year. We definitely would not have been successful without the help of our friends today.

We are thinking of 2 batches of chickens next year. We will send out letters earlier in the year to get an idea of demand and if anyone wants to come help- we pay in chickens!

We are tired and happy we actually succeeded at this new ranch enterprise.

One Comment on “Chicken Story: The Final Chapter

  1. I frankly knew about nearly all of this, but that being said, I still assumed it had been practical. Nice blog!


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