Summer Pictures

The prairie is in full beauty.

Pierre Flooding

George and I spent today in Pierre assisting an elderly lady move out of her
apartment before it was flooded. No storage is available in Pierre at
present. A friend from Pierre donated his semi-trailer so this lady and another
person could store their furniture and household goods for FREE until the
flood waters resided. He is also using his tracked Skidster to help with the
Levee building.

Please pray for all the people along the Missouri River who are going to
suffer from the flooding.

George’s Handywork

The chicken house is now done on the inside and as soon as it is dry we’ll be stuccoing the outside and it is finished.

From scrap lumber, George made a mobile roost that you can raise up to clean
under easily. He also made all the nest boxes and experimented with size and
slight differences with each one to see what the chickens like best. I
think he did an awesome job. He has gained so many carpentry skills over the
years with ranch remodeling projects.

Presently, we are holding steady with half the does kidded and waiting for
the rest who are looking very preggo. We are almost done calving and cattle
are doing well.

For news on Pierre, SD  check the Keloland website, people are very worried
that Ft. Pierre is going to be submerged- the Oahe is extremely full and
Belle Fourche is flooded.

We pray for everyone’s safety and the least amount of damage.

We just want the rain to stop to plant the garden, mow the grass and be able
to hay in a couple of weeks.

Blue Eyed Goat and Cat

Thought it was interesting the retina reflection. In India, the medical
beliefs are about chakras and blue is a strong one- so I think our animals
have strong spirits due to being well loved.

Triplets X2

The first set of triplets are half Nubian and half Savanna. The second set
born tonight are full-blood Savanna. Ice Man, our buck is proving to be a good one. Both Mom’s are easily nursing the triplets. They are so cute! The barn is filled with “Ma”, ” Ma”.

We have kidded 6 does with a result of 14 kids. We have 14 more does to go.
We also had a calf with an earlier nursing problem get a rattlesnake bite-
George was quick with the Betamethasone and Recover injections and the calf has been saved.

If the rain stops, the stucco man is coming next week to do new stuccoing of the chicken coop and it is done. George made a roost that can be raised up for easy cleaning. He is working on the nest boxes. He is creating the
ultimate deluxe chicken coop- the chickens will have to like their coop!

Just need the rain to slow down to get our garden planted.

Rainbow Over the Ranch

Tonight, it was breathtaking- the view of the ranch- the pictures don’t do
it justice. After a gentle rain- it was actually a double rainbow over the ranch. I walked to the draw in the west hay field and still couldn’t get it all in the camera lens. Also, I didn’t know the pot of gold could be found
in the hay feeder- LOL.

It truly is God’s Country!!!

Playing on the Prairie

Last night was a beautiful evening on the prairie. In the pasture, the calves were having races going around Mama cows. Two weeks ago while we were working on the chicken coop, we could see the prairie chickens dancing at the crest west of the alfalfa field. The wind carried their chortling and we heard them easily. Most likely, the next pictures will be of baby goats- we start kidding next week. The prairie is greening up and once again looking like Ireland. The rhubarb is coming out of the ground and soon we will plant the garden after the frost danger on the 15th.

Spring makes us feel lucky and glad to be alive to pursue our endeavors.

The Chicken Coop and Ranch Scoop

Here are the latest photos on the chicken coop- only things left to do is to wire it this weekend, have the stucco man stucco the outside, put up wire across the windows, build the nest boxes and roost and then the laying chicks will arrive. It turned out how George and I envisioned it.

Most of the cattle are calved out and doing well. We are getting prepared for goat kidding next- they are staying close to the barnyard and look ready to pop. The weather is finally turning nice.

Our neighbor was selected for our county to receive funding for another hoop house. He lost the top of plastic during a wind storm last week so bought heavier plastic- double layers and blows air between the layers. He has reinforced it and it will stay up all year and we can buy good fresh produce after our garden stops during the cold.